What Home Owners Need to Know

You Bought it, Now What?

The easy part is over, finding the right home, financing, inspections, getting through closing and now it's time to move in. It's what you don't know about your new home that will cost you dearly in the future. "What Home Owners Need to Know" is a four hour workshop, specifically developed for Florida homeowners.

Develop your Home Owner Skills

Within the first ten minutes you will learn how to avoid making a $100 unnecessary phone call to a service provider. You will learn who to hire and who not to hire for repairs and what vendors need to provide you before they start work. You will learn how your house functions and learn how to control your maintenance cost and develop maintenance skills and what basic tools you will need to maintain your home.

Leave the Workshop With Confidence!

All who attend will leave with a better understanding of their home and the confidence to look after their home, increase the value and maintain their home for years to come. Each attendee will leave with a copy of my "Home Owners Manual", "Tools, Tips and Remodeling Plan, my favorite maintenance checklist and Terry's "Cheat Sheet" to estimate repair cost. Contact Terry to find out how you can have a workshop brought to your community.