Need a Speaker/Trainer Without the Hard Sell?

What are Your Meetings Missing?

 Are you tired of having meetings where it's the same old thing? Do you have poor attendance to your meetings? What's missing, more often, is real training, real information and what many resent, who actually attend your meetings, is the hard sell from service providers. Give your people a purpose, build their skills and watch your profits grow. If you are ready to build your networking skills or learn how deal with Diverse and difficult people, it's time to make the call. Fill the seats and watch your business grow.

Keynote and Workshops

What is the message you want your team to hear? What are the hot points of your business, your team needs to hear from someone else, right now? Your audience deserves real information they they will be able to use, the very same day, What would the return of investment from a four hour workshop, teaching your team networking skills, or how to deal with diverse and difficult people and then combine military leadership skills into the mix? If you are ready for real training and real results, make the call!

Get Real Training Now

 Have you ever heard someone say, "We have got to get back to the basics"? What are the basic fundamentals you have gotten away from? Is your team relying, all to often, on emails, texting, sly-dialing, social media to build business? The basics I'm talking about is the true face to face meeting, picking up the phone and making a real phone call. Imagine what would happen to your business. The problem I have seen, many people have lost their basic communication skills. They don't script themselves and they try to winging-it at social event. That's isn't networking, it's "not working". Build your communication skills with scripts and follow up systems that will build confidence with your people and watch your business grow.