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First Engagement

Networking for the Business Battle Field. Terry combines his 20 years of military training and combat experience from Operation Desert Storm with Networking skills. You will learn how to prep your business battle field, use current intelligence, Recon and so much more. You will gain communications skills and self confidence from Terry's keynote presentation. Just imagine what it would be like to build your business with people who will refer you to their customers and friends all because you attended a Networking workshop. How much is your lack of networking skills costing you and your business right now?  The longer you wait to build your networking skills, the longer it will take you to develop that critical data base!

Dealing With Diverse and Difficult People; Are You one?

 You encounter difficult people everyday, whether they are in the car next to you, standing in line at a checkout counter, in the theater, in your business, on the phone and even at home. What makes them so difficult or are you the one being difficult?

How do you deal with diversity? What the first thing that comes to mind when you think about diversity? It's more than someone being different from you and you must learn how to step back and think about how difficult and different you may appear to someone else. Contact Terry for a keynote presentation that will change the way you look at yourself as well as others and consider a breakout secession to followup the keynote presentation.

Combine Both For a Leadership Presentation or Workshop

 What are your networking weaknesses? Are you trying to rely on social networking rather than face to face meetings or a real phone call? Is the lack of diversity in your workplace hindering your profits? Building communications skills is essential for today's leaders. Take a closer look at yourself and knowing how to ask the right questions of others will help you understand diversity and why people can be so difficult. Are you ready for some real military style leadership training, combined with networking skills?  What would it be worth to you if you had a better understanding of the different personalities traits  and personal characteristics?  Are you ready to take charge of your networking communication skills? Do you feel it's time to question you networking skills and are you ready to become a stronger communicator?  


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